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Your Electronic Farm Records

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Vineyard Management

Manage your vineyard operations, your buyers and your suppliers. 

Electronic Farm Record

Electronic Track and records who, what, where, when, and weather 


Row and Produce Crop Management

Document every aspect of your operation for every crop from Asparagus to wheat. 

Food Safety, SFI, and Compliance Records

Create multiple Farm compliance records without duplication.


Orchard Management

Track and manage every aspect of your permanent crops like Almonds, Apples, Olives, Citrus, and Cherries.

Customizable Farming Records

User customizable data entry and reporting without programming


Other Agriculture Operations

Sugar Cane, tea, coffee, turf, greenhouse plants - even manure and hay baling operations. If you can grow it, we can track it.

Mobile First Framework

Mobile data collection, reporting, and analysis.  Work where you need to and how you want to.

CropTrak Scout

Field mobile App to Soil Sample, SCOUT, and track Farm Records using user customizable data forms. 

CropTrak Complete

Expert mobile app to track Work, Time, Chemicals, Weather

CropTrak App Editor

Admin web app to manage Forms, Users, and Chemicals.


All tools come bundled with the App, Cloud Database, Reporting Interface, Software Upgrades, Support, and Training

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